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What is a personal injury?

A personal injury is an injury to one’s person. That is, it can be a physical injury to one’s body, an emotional-psychological injury, or both. A personal injury can also involve damage to one’s reputation or standing in the community.  Fraud may be considered a personal injury, so might trespass or damage to one’s property. Personal injury can also include a violation of civil rights, a loss of freedom or abuse to an elderly person. Defective products can and often do cause personal injuries.  So do defective premises such as faulty stairwells, slippery floors and unsafe sidewalks. A dog bite is a personal injury. Auto accident victims often suffer personal injuries. There are many types of personal injuries and discussing your potential case with a lawyer is the very best way to understand your personal injury claim.

Generally, people are compensated for personal injuries when those injuries are caused by the negligence or intentional acts of others. Negligence is failing to act reasonably under the circumstances, that is, doing something that a reasonable person would not do, or failing to do something that the law requires reasonable persons to do. There must be a causal connection between negligence and a personal injury in order for there to be a valid personal injury case.    Intentional acts that harm people without justification also give rise to liability for personal injuries. Here again, talking with an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you determine if you have a valid legal case.

The reason the law seeks to compensate people for some types of personal injuries is centered in the belief that the person or company responsible for the injury should be the one who pays for it. Also, the person or company in the best position to avoid the injury is the person or company that should pay.  For example, a company that makes a defective product that causes personal injury to a child has the best opportunity to make a safer product and should therefore be liable when unsafe products cause injury.

The lawyers at Cutrone & Associates have represented hundreds of personal injury victims both in settlement and at trial.  We understand personal injury law as that is all we do and all we have done for over 17 years.  With over 25 million dollars in proven results, our satisfied clients are our best endorsement.

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