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Major Injuries


By Lou Cutrone

Major injury accident victims are often frightened, confused and disoriented following a catastrophic injury. The sudden and wrongful death of a loved one is both devastating and numbing.  Insurance companies often rush in with a quick settlement offer that barely covers medical or funeral expenses.  Compensation for past and future lost wages and for pain and suffering is often overlooked. The loss of love, care, comfort and support of a loved one cannot be overstated.  Not knowing where to turn, many major injury and wrongful death victims make the mistake of settling too soon without knowing just how serious and long term their injuries are or how pervasive the loss of their loved one truly is. Very often, once a case is settled, there can be no further recovery.

Getting reimbursed for medical expenses is far easier than getting fully compensated for your intangible damages such as pain and suffering, future medical expenses, future lost wages and a life that is forever changed.  In California, damages for wrongful death are limited by law to the loss of love, care, comfort, society and support.  Knowing how to present these kinds of damages to a jury takes talent as well as empathy. That’s where experience, aggressiveness, dedication and tenacity make all the difference. Having competent  legal representation from the very start significantly increases your chances of  receiving full, fair and just compensation for your injuries and your loss.

At Cutrone & Associates, we’ve been helping major injury accident victims and wrongful death claimants recover all the compensation they deserve for over 18 years. We have won millions of dollars for our clients and know what it takes to fight hard until the job is done.  We stand ready to assist you or your family member or friend who has suffered a major injury accident or the wrongful death of a loved one.  Corporations and insurance companies have well trained, seasoned lawyers working for them.  You should too.

Below are the Types of Catastrophic Injuries in which Our Law Firm Specializes: 

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