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Paramount, California Personal Injury Attorneys

With a population of 55,000, Paramount, California is bordered by Compton to the west and Long Beach to the south. Interstate 105 cuts through the northern part of Paramount, while the 710 freeway runs along the city’s western border. The Artesia Freeway (State Route 91) provides easy travel through the southern section of Paramount.

If you or a loved one have suffered an accident in Paramount, California and sustained injury, the experienced team of California personal injury lawyers at Cutrone & Associates is here to help.  With nearly two decades of experience in a variety of personal injury matters, no case is too big or too small for our talented group of legal professionals.


Paramount, California Car Accident Lawyers

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Paramount, California, you are likely struggling with pain, medical bills, and time off from work or school.  You may be frustrated or confused dealing with insurance companies whose top priority is maximizing their own profits–not your recovery or compensation!  The Paramount, California car accident lawyers at Cutrone & Associates see injured individuals taken advantage of by large insurance carriers all too often.  It is our business to handle car accident insurance claims and car accident lawsuits, so that you can focus entirely on your recovery.  Let us help you!


Paramount, California Slip/Trip & Fall Accident Lawyers

Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents can occur in a variety of places–on sidewalks, in parking lots, on stairs, in stores or private residences. If you’ve suffered a slip/trip and fall accident in Paramount, California as a result of a dangerous or defective condition on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to recover damages for your injuries.  The Paramount, California slip trip and fall accident lawyers at Cutrone & Associates have handled hundreds of slip/trip and fall cases and are available to answer your questions and discuss your options during a free, no-obligation consultation.


Paramount, California Catastrophic and Major Injury Lawyers

 Major, catastrophic injuries refer to any injury that has serious, long-term, or permanent effects.  These can include traumatic brain injury, spinal injuries, paralysis, loss of limb, disfigurement, burns, and permanent organ damage.  A catastrophic injury is undoubtedly life-changing, not only for the victim but for his or her family and loved-ones as well.  Where major or catastrophic injury is involved, medical costs are usually extremely high.  Future medical care, often including long-term care, is often necessary.  In many cases, a person who suffers catastrophic injury finds his or her ability to work compromised.  If you or a loved one has suffered a major or catastrophic injury as a result of an accident in Paramount,California, the team of legal professionals at Cutrone & Associates can help.  We understand the significance of the losses involved in a catastrophic injury case and are prepared to prosecute those losses to the full extent of the law. Paramount, California catastrophic and major injury cases are often expensive and complicated.  That’s why the Paramount,California catastrophic injury law team at Cutrone & Associates includes top experts in the legal and medical fields.  Contact Cutrone & Associates for a free, no-obligation consultation.


Paramount, California Wrongful Death Lawyers

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult no matter the circumstances.  But if the death of a loved one is the result of someone else’s wrongdoing, surviving family members may be entitled to bring a wrongful death lawsuit in court.  Under California law, the recoverable damages in wrongful death suits are limited to the loss of love, care, comfort, society and support that a deceased loved one would have provided to his or her family.  In some cases, a separate action called a survivor’s action can be filed to recover the decedent’s lost wages and medical expenses (if they were incurred through the fault of someone else), as well as punitive damages that might apply.  Wrongful death cases can be quite complicated, and obtaining an attorney who is skilled and experienced in such cases is essential to protecting your rights and interests.  The team of wrongful death attorneys at Cutrone & Associates has successfully prosecuted numerous wrongful death cases.  If a loved one has died as a result of a wrongful death accident in Paramount,California, the team of wrongful death attorneys at Cutrone & Associates is available to answer your questions and discuss your options.  Contact us for your free, no-obligation consultation.